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You have the Vision we have the skills to unlock the depth of

Your Extraordinary Value.

Dedicated to helping you to unlock your potential for success in life, discovering your brand value and regaining a sense of purpose.

Establishing yourself as the go-to-expert, creating extraordinary impact, making a positive contribution to society. 

Leverage your personal brand.

The extraordinary ‘you’ is seen.  Tell the world ...

I am here to make a difference.

Your Brand deserves to be seen as the leader rather than a follower.   It is imperative to take advantage of your hyper-learner brand values to Lead by Example.  And that’s where personal brand plays a vital role.


Be something to someone.  Make a decision about:

- Who you are, your Why and Purpose

  1. -What your area of uniqueness is

  2. -How to adapt to the speed of change in the Digital Age

- How you can connect that with the most suitable audience

- How to deliver that value to solve their needs

Keep in mind - It’s not about you, it’s about THEM – your audience.

Personal branding works if you DO it.  It’s not a trend it’s strategic. Your personal brand is your trusted reputation.  It helps people who need you, to find you.


Sabotaging yourself and profit from the value of your personal Brand.  Your Brand is an asset and should be treated as such!

Is your Brand trending for tomorrow, leading by example in the Digital Imagination Age?

Unlock your potential through your 4B personal Brand power: Be - Become - Belong - Bond™

How Might You Accomplish This?

We help open-minded professionals like you, to build a link between you and business success.

Together we solve the key challenges and turn you or your team into a community which dramatically contributes to your bottom line.


Bespoke Personal Brand One-on-One or Group Active Coaching/Storytelling and Mentoring (in person or digital) sessions for:

Thought Leaders, Influencers and Professional Services Experts.

Bespoke personal Branding awaits your call to ACTION

”Success is ready and waiting for everyone.  

Are you ready for Success?”

Hana Guenzl

Tap the Power of YOU - make a difference

Learn - Lead - Lifestyle

2022 - Brand Masters Programmes

Master sessions for the hyper-learner model for the Digital Age launched June 2022; already in progress. 

Click links here:

Master Sessions


The new term will be published December 2022. Bespoke master sessions will start March 2023.

Call to ACTION:

Contact us to enquire about the new sessions and we will get back to you within three days.


You might like to find out more on the game-changing programmes.


Hana Guenzl, the Director of Deep Vision - has received the Top Female Executive 2021 Award by IAOTP (International Association Of Top Professionals) - New York, USA

Hana Guenzl, the Director of Deep Vision - has received the Top Brand Mentor 2020 Award by IAOTP (International Association Of Top Professionals) - New York, USA

Hana Guenzl, the Director of Deep Vision - has received the Empowered Woman 2020 Award by IAOTP (International Association Of Top Professionals) - New York, USA

New York - Hana Guenzl has been featured on the Time Square Billboard 11 December 2021.  Also, on the front cover of the Top Industry Professionals (TIP) magazine as the Top Brand Mentor of The Year in the March 2021 issue.

PR awards release of the Top Brand Mentor 2020, Empowered Woman 2020 and Top Female Executive 2021 have been published on media outlets of FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC and CW.

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